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Questioning from the Heart
How does one ask a question from the heart? And, how do we know if we are really asking from the heart and not the mind?

Cardinals & Monkeys?
Is there a connection between Cardinals & Monkeys? Believe it or not, both monkeys and cardinals tend to play a pivotal role in their connection with human beings, and by recognizing this connection, a much greater understanding of the human mind, as well as the human spirit may be obtained.

Emotional Healing
Once again, every part of grief can last a varying amount of time for each person. Normally, after a person experiences shock and numbness, the "fog" starts to disappear and they are left with all the feelings and emotions associated with loss and grief. This is usually the time when I get phone calls from clients, stating, "I thought I was fine, but now I feel like I am losing my mind!" Unfortunately the shock and numbness parts of grief make us think that we are "fine" when in fact we haven't even started really grieving yet.

Confessions Of A Depressed Person
Everyday I wake up tired, tired of being tired, tired of life, tired of even the smallest things. Ugh, the laundry, you mean I really have to take a shower? Everything seems like work--the shower, putting away the laundry, putting on normal clothes instead of my sweatpants and t-shirt with no bra. Leaving the house? Are you kidding me?? The traffic, stupid people everywhere, the line at the grocery store or the woman who stands and talks so loudly on her phone that it sounds like nails on a chalkboard?

It's a Journey, Not a Stage
Often times I hear people say "the stages of grief". I believe that using the word "stages" infers that once a person goes through a "stage" they aren't supposed to go through it again. It seems as though the grief process is more of a journey, filled with hills and valleys, triumphs and challenges that can feel like they are continuous, sometimes with no end. To restrict oneself with the notion of "stages" can be counter productive, as then grieving people tend to focus on how they "haven't moved on" or "haven't grieved well enough".

Traumatic Loss
What is a Traumatic Loss, and how can a Cardinal Experience help after experiencing such a loss? Traumatic Loss is very different from other types of loss. Although no one can really state if one is more difficult than the other, Traumatic Loss can be much more complicated and take much longer to work through. Throughout my work with clients and in hospice and hospital settings, I have experienced many people going through Traumatic Loss.

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