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Can Our Young Ones Ever Be Truly Lost?
After our loved ones unexpectedly die on earth, we experience a cardinal loss. However, our loved ones are not truly lost. This is also true of those taken away in their youth.

Questioning from the Heart
How does one ask a question from the heart? And, how do we know if we are really asking from the heart and not the mind?

Cardinals & Monkeys?
Is there a connection between Cardinals & Monkeys? Believe it or not, both monkeys and cardinals tend to play a pivotal role in their connection with human beings, and by recognizing this connection, a much greater understanding of the human mind, as well as the human spirit may be obtained.

The 4 Cardinal Steps to Spiritual Growth
How do we begin growing spiritually after experiencing a cardinal loss? In a world defined by power, money, and influence, spiritual growth is a formidable task. The concepts of

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